About Omukama Kabalega

Brief Biography of Omukama (King) Cwa II Kabalega

Omukama Chwa II Kabalega (June 18, 1853 – April 6, 1923), was the ruler or Omukama of Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom in Uganda from 1870 to 1899, and a celebrated national hero. He is most notably remembered for his great developmental rule that transformed Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom and restored it’s former glory, but also his resistance to colonialism, a few among African monarchs that put up fierce sustained resistance, a stance that later inspired other African leaders to fight for their independence.

A summary of highlights of his legacy is provided below..

1853 - 1923

Omukama Kabalega Lifetime

16 Years

Age ascended to the throne, ruled for 29 years. 

9 Years

Resistance to colonial rule, inspiring other African leaders to fight for their independence

24 Years

Exiled to Seychelles Islands, and all the while engaging in diplomatic correspondence challenging his detention, leading to his release. He died on his way back to his Kingdom


Declared a National Hero by the Government of Uganda for his fight against Colonialism.

A Legacy that has Inspired Generations and shaped a Nation

A defender of his people’s freedom and self determination against colonialism.

A promoter of human rights and development, resisting slave trade and instead encouraging of trade in merchandise with foreign merchants. 

A meritocrat who introduced all-inclusive social reforms and built modern administrative, governance and defence systems.

A unifier, and great contributor to nation building through uniting many former states into one administration.

When duty came calling in the threat to the liberties of his people through colonialism, he chose to defend his people; coming against much stronger imperialist forces, sustaining a war for nine (9) years that many could not withstand on the 1st encounter.

Omukama Kabalega continues to inspire many unto a life of purpose and true service to society.

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