About Bunyoro-Kitara

About Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom

Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom is a Bantu kingdom in Western Uganda. It is one of the oldest and most historic Kingdoms in the Great Lakes Region with immensely rich culture and heritage. At the height of its power, between 13th century to the 19th century, it was also one of the most powerful and prosperous kingdoms in Central and East Africa stretching as far as present-day Karagwe in Tanzania, present-day Rwanda, present-day Eastern Congo, and the Wanga Kingdom in present-day Kenya. The kingdom suffered great set-backs following the invasion of British colonial forces in the late 1800s, and the subsequent abolition of Kingdoms by the then Government of Uganda in 1967.


However, with the restoration of cultural institutions by the government in 1992, Bunyoro Kingdom, under its current Monarch H.M. Dr. Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I is on course to reconsolidate its rich history, culture, and heritage from centuries of its past glory into development agenda for society in the modern-day 21st Century era.


Bunyoro-Kitara has played a pivotal role in the history of Uganda. The ancient Bunyoro-Kitara empire, which later splintered into other regional kingdoms was the center of cultural, political, economic, and social civilization in the pre-colonial interlacustrine East Africa.

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